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im backk !! :)

Anonymous said: are you there

yes im here, I haven’t posted yet because I’m working a little bit on everything, and saving it all s drafts so it will be a lot faster, bc im working on about 28 different requests right noww..

princessjennyxo12 said: my name is jenny:) with wes thankss!:)

no problem! here you go!

It was about 7:00 at night, which meant it was time for your Skype call with your boyfriend, Wesley. You logged on to your computer and almost instantly, Wes called you. You answered and his face appeared on the screen. You suddenly got nervous about your plan for tonight. You were going to tell him that you found out you were pregnant. You weren’t engaged or married, which made you very nervous. He left for a very short promotion tour last week, and isn’t going to be back for another 3 weeks.

You and Wes talked for about an hour before it was almost time for hi, to go to bed.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” you said quickly. 

He chuckled and then said, “What babe?” He looked at your face on the screen.

You lightly smiled, “I’m pregnant.”

 “Babe,” Wes sat up from his laying position, “we’re having a baby!” He seemed more happy than you had ever seen him. You smiled and talked to him, making sure he wasn’t mad, but he seemed to be bursting with excitement.

"I love you Wes," you smiled.

"I love you too Jenny, and our little bundle of joy," he responded before saying goodnight and hanging up.

weedsleybaby said: can I have an imagine when wes comes back from being away for a long time? my name is anelise and iI have blonde hair and im really into being fit. (:

Yesss! Sorry it took so long!

You drove to the airport to pick up the guys. They’re coming back from their tour today and you couldn’t be any happier. You haven’t seen Wesley for at least three months, except over Skype, but it wasn’t the same. You missed having Keaton and Drew around too. 

Everything was different when he was gone. You did almost everything together. Your morning jogs, making breakfast, going to the beach, going to the gym, eating dinner, movie nights, everything was different without him.

When you got to the airport, Keaton and Drew’s girlfriends were already there. You said hello and you all were talking about how excited you were.

"Anelise!" you heard a familiar voice call from behind you.

You turned around faster than ever and saw Wesley, Drew, and Keaton standing on the other side of the airport. He dropped his bags where he was and came running towards you. Unable to control yourself, you ran towards him too, and you collided, knocking him down to the ground with you on top of him.

You were both laughing as he said, “I’m never leaving again. I missed you, your lips, your eyes, your smell, your face, your laugh, your kisses, everything.”

"I missed you too, like way too much," you spoke. He helped you up and kissed you, pulling your body closer to his.

emblem3loveeee-deactivated20130 said: Hey. Could I have an imagine with drew? My name is Bridget.. Thanks bye!

Hi, of course!

You paced back and forth as you waited for Drew to come home. You were getting really worried, he was supposed to be back two hours ago and he was never late.

It was Wes’ twenty first birthday so they all went out to a bar so they could treat him to drinks, and you started to worry they got into an accident.

Drew finally tripped through the front door and you ran over to him ready to yell at him, but when you got closer to him, you saw he had a black eye and a busted lip.

"What happened?" you asked, carefully touching his bruised face.

"I had to take care of something," he said angrily.

"Drew," you said sternly.

"Fine. A few fans were at the bar and they came up to us, and they started throwing themselves at us, saying we could do better than you and Sabrina (Keaton and Sabrina are dating) so we started defending you and their boyfriends got mad, and it went downhill from there," he explained.

You just hugged him, just loosened the hug when he flinched in pain.

"Do you want ice?" you asked.

"No, thanks though… ice cream would be nice though," he smiled.

You smiled back at him before going to the kitchen and getting him a bowl of ice cream.

You sat down and handed it to him.

"Thanks," he said, pecking you on the cheek.

"No, thank you," you corrected him. When he cocked his head to the side in confusion, you explained, "for sticking up for me tonight."

"Anytime Bridget. I love you," he smiled.

"I love you too."

Anonymous said: Is your name kaylee?

No, my name is Danielle

lovelyambrose said: hey. my name is alyssa. im really short im 4'11 long dark brown sort of black hair. light brown eyes and im really outgoing,crazzy,fun,sweet and caring. could i have an imagine with Wes and a romance one. thank you! xx


You have known Wes, Keaton, and Drew ever since they had moved to California. You were really good friends with Wesley from the start, since you’re both outgoing, crazy, and fun. Plus, he was in every single one of your classes. You had recently developed a crush on Wes, but he was far gone now.

When he auditioned for the X Factor, he said he would never forget about you, no matter what happened, and you made him pinky promise, but he sadly didn’t keep it.

You were still going to keep your promise to him, and always support them. You went to Twitter and clicked the link they had just posted, allowing you to watch the live interview at Young Hollywood.

You loved watching their interviews with Tracy, they had such great chemistry together, especially with Drew.

As always, she made sure to ask about how things were with the ladies. Drew and Keaton said they were single, like always, but Wes blanked out.

"Wesley?" Tracy asked, waving her hand in front of his face.

"Oh what? Sorry," he laughed.

"Are you seeing anyone?" she repeated.

"Uh, no, but theres something I want to say. Alyssa, if you’re watching, that means you are keeping your promise and it’s time for me to keep mine. I’m sure you think I forgot about you, but you haven’t left my mind once. You were there for me since day one, even when everyone else said not to be. I let the best thing that ever happened to me walk away, and I need you. Please text me, I need to talk to you."

You smiled, and couldn’t believe what he just said. You grabbed your phone from the dock and called him. He answered the phone, even though he was still at the interview. Everyone could her your conversation, but you didn’t care. You had your Wesley back.

thisiswhyimsingle13 said: Can you give me an imagine please... with Keaton? Oh I would love it so much. Do you need some info about me? Ight. My names Kaitlyn. I'm 16. I have dark brown eyes and light brown hair. I'm like the girl version of Keaton. Extremely awkward :D

Hope you like it! Sorry for the long wait babe!

You were really excited because Emblem3 had just announced a concert in your town, and even better, it was on your seventeenth birthday. You waited up all night for the release of the tickets and when the clock finally hit 2:00 am, you refreshed the page and ordered your tickets.

Much to your disappointment, they sold out and you couldn’t get one. You just stared at your computer screen, unable to process what just happened. You knew the guys were getting more popular since they had released their first album, but you never thought they would sell out this quickly.

You just sat in your room, for hours and hours, until your mom came in.

"So, Kaitlyn, how close are you?" she asked excitedly, but that only made a tear stream down your face. "What’s wrong?"

Unable to speak, you pointed to the screen, which was still untouched.

"Oh Kaitlyn, don’t be sad!" she said, pulling you into an embrace.

"Why shouldn’t I be? This was the only thing I wanted for my birthday! All I want is to see Drew, Wes, and Keaton. I really didn’t think it was too much to ask for, but I guess it is,"  you cried.

"We can always go on Stubhub and buy them off of there," she tried.

You shook your head, “The prices on there are too high, I could never ask you to do that.”

She left you to be alone.

The next day, you come home from school and your mom is waiting by the door for you with a present.

"Mom, it’s okay, I really don’t want anything else," you sighed.

"Trust me, you want this," she smiled.

You hesistantely took the bag and looked inside. You couldn’t believe your eyes as you pulled out what was inside.

VIP tickets and a backstage pass. Front row and a meet and greet?

"How?" was all you could say.

"Your father knows someone," she smiled.

At the concert, you shook as you walked inside to meet the guys. You always considered yourself an awkward person, so you were nervous that you would say something really weird, but Keaton is awkward too, so you figured you would try to talk to him… considering he is your favorite.

"Hi," you managed.

"Hey, what’s your name?" Wes asked.

"K-Kaitlyn," you stuttered.

"Hi Kaitlyn, nice to meet you," Drew smiled.

"You too. Do you think you could say ‘Happy birthday Kaitlyn" on video?" you asked shyly.

"It’s your birthday?" Keaton asked.

"Yeah," you nodded awkwardly.

"Of course!" Wes yelled.

After they took the video, you took a photo with them and headed to your seat. While on stage, Keaton winked at you and made the whole crowd sing haappy birthday to you.

tropana said: but wait what are you talking about I just saw some pictures of you and you're gorgeous

awww thankss! but soo are youu! you could probs be like the next Miss America..!

Anonymous said: Wow your pretty!! like your perfect!

thanks so much, im literally smiling like an idiot at my laptop rn…. lahhh youuuuu

spookysos said: YOU'RE SO PRETTY


Anonymous said: can you write an imagine where Wes takes you to disney

off course!

Wesley and you were only dating for a few months, but you met while he was starting the tour, so your only time together was over Skype. He decided he would make it up to you by taking you to Disney, and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. You felt bad having him pay for everything, but he refused to let you pay for a thing.

You spent the day running around the park buying junk food and soda, going on rides, and taking pictures with all the characters like you were little kids, but that’s what you loved about Wesley. You could both be your complete selves around each other and you didn’t feel awkward or weird. You two bought matching Mickey and Minnie shoes, hats, and sweatshirts, and with Wes being Wes, he posted a picture to Instagram of you kissing in front of the castle wearing your matching outfits.

wwish-ful-thinkingg said: Name: Emily, Boy: Drew, Hair color: brown, Eye color: dark brown, Short/tall: average(like 5'4"), Personality: I'm funny, sarcastic, nice, smart, and a little shy but only when I first meet you other than that I'm very outgoing and happy, Favorite thing: soccer and skiing, Best friends name: Courtney! I'm not sure if you're taking requests now but I thought I'd try! I love your imagines. Thanks so much! ^_^

Drew was away on tour, but originally, he was supposed to be back yesterday, but there was a concert added to the schedule tonight, so he would be gone another day. Usually, you wouldn’t be bothered by one more day, but today was your daughter’s daddy/daughter soccer game. She took after you, always playing in the yard with the soccer ball.

You were going to fill in for him, and you were happy to, but you could see the disappointment on her face when you told her that Drew wasn’t going to be able to make it today.

On your way to the field, she would usually chat up a storm, but she was very quiet, and was staring out the window the whole time.

You pulled into the parking lot and helped her out of the car.

As you were walking towards the field, she screams and starts running and crying. You look up to find Drew standing in the middle of the field. You start crying too, you haven’t seen him for a while.

"How?" you say through the tears.

"The guys said they could do it without me, this was important. Family first," he said.

You kissed him and let him play soccer with your daughter

hellodannee21 said: My name is danielle (: I want one with Wesley pleaseee <3

Here you go!

It was you two year anniversary with Wesley. Not once all day did he say anything about it. You thought he was planning something for dinner, but when you came home from work, a box of pizza was sitting on the table.

"Really Wes?" you said, annoyed.

"What?" he asked, clearly clueless.

"It’s our two year anniversary and we’re having pizza for dinner? Are you kidding me?! I tried not to say anything all day, but clearly you don’t care. If you cared you would have remembered," you yelled.

"Danielle, I did remember. Look in the box," he responded calmly.

You hesistantly walked over to the table and opened it up. There was no pizza in the box, just a post-it note that said: Look in the backyard. You did as it said, with Wesley close behind you.

When you went outside, you saw that he had beautifully decorated the backyard, making it look like a fairytale.

There were lights hanging from the tree that hovered over the table for two that he had set up.


After eating dinner, he gave you your present which was:


When you finished reading the whole deck of cards, you looked up at Wesley to thank him, but he had a ring in his hands.

"Danielle, will you marry me?" he asked nervously.

"Of course!" you cried, jumping into his arms and giving him a kiss.